Maura’s Kitchen in Nyack Looks to Expand With Kickstarter


Maura’s Kitchen has been on a roll since it opened in 2011. The Peruvian restaurant began as a deli and later began expanding it’s menu in late 2012, has continued to expand both their food and drinks menus (View Menu) ever since. They’ve been planning on expanding their digs too – currently at 248 Main Street – with an announced move to the former Old Fashioned location on South Broadway.

Taking a page out of the modern fundraising playbook, owners Maura Azanedo and son Tyrone have made their case on Kickstarter, looking to raise the money as unexpected costs have made their dream of a new location increasingly difficult. Pledge rewards for the project include their homemade hot sauce, dinner for 2, tasting menu and more. Full details can be seen at their Kickstarter project page.

Maura’s Kitchen 83 South Broadway (Coming Soon), Nyack, NY Website


[photo source: Maura’s Kitchen]


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