Boozy Burbs is your not-so-secret ingredient to discovering the latest dining, drinking & nightlife news in the Greater Bergen County area (this can include neighboring towns in Rockland, Hudson, Passaic and Essex counties).┬áRead the news, join the e-mail newsletter, or follow our social feeds. Know about something we don’t? Email at tips@boozyburbs.com

Launched in 2011, Boozy Burbs is a website dedicated to dining and nightlife (aka eating and drinking) in Bergen County and surrounding areas. Boozy Burbs covers openings of new food establishments (restaurants, specialty food stores, etc… and visits as many new restaurants in the area as possible), attend food and drinking events (wine tastings, beer events, farmer’s markets, festivals and fairs, etc), profile other types of food business (market vendors, food delivery services, web-only food businesses, local food artisans) and everything foodie and boozy in-between.

Getting in touch

If you are a new (less than 6 weeks old) food or nightlife business based in the greater Bergen County area including restaurants, bars, food artisans and other hospitality providers, please email foodie@boozyburbs.com

If you are a local New Jersey and New York State brewery, distillery or winery, please contact boozy@boozyburbs.com

If you are a national or international brand of food, restaurant or alcohol, please email brands@boozyburbs.com

Boozy Burbs also works with select local, regional and national hospitality, lifestyle and food service providers.

All PR requests should be sent to pr@boozyburbs.com