Opening Alert: Italia Di Gusto, Ridgewood, NJ

[photo source: Italia Di Gusto]

Italia Di Gusto, a new spot offering a selection of Gourmet Italian Foods, has opened in Ridgewood. Spawned from a chain that already operates shops around the globe, this outlet is run by Chef Claudia and Roberto, who also own food delivery service “From Scratch“. The 16 or so seat cafe offers a changing menu of prepared foods – along with DOP cheese, salami and pork meats, jams and marmalades, and olive oil – all carefully selected as some of the best available by Italia Di Gusto. Italia Di Gusto is open 7 days for lunch and 6 for dinner beginning at 10am.

Italia Di Gusto 44 East Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ Website

Opening Menu (click to enlarge)




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