Jersey Artisan Distilling Named to Best Craft Distillers List

[photo source: Thrillist]

Thrillist, the digital lifestyle website for men, has released a list of the best craft distillers in America. The list of 50 was voted by a panel of liquor writers, 15 judges selected by Thrillist from across the US. The judges included cocktail celebrity (The Cocktail Whisperer), author (Apothecary Cocktails) and NJ resident Warren Bobrow.

Fairfield-based Jersey Artisan Distilling (the first distillery in NJ since Prohibition), which launched less than a year ago with their Busted Barrel Rum (and shortly after it’s dark variety), was ranked number 40. St. George Spirits of Alameda, CA took first place. Read the entire rankings and article at


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