Jersey Artisan Distilling Building Tasting Room Through Kickstarter

Fairfield’s Jersey Artisan Distilling seems to be on a roll after launching their first two rums this year. The first distillery in the state of NJ since Prohibition is using Kickstarter to raise funds to build a tasting room at their distillery. Tours and tastings are expected to begin in January, with the money raised helping to buying supplies for their rum and their proposed build-out. It’s been a challenge for co-founders Krista and Brant, they’ve entirely self-funded this endeavor, and are working long hours to keep production going even as banks have been reluctant to get involved. They felt that going to a crowdfunding model would help others be apart of the local craft spirit movement.

With backer rewards beginning at the $25 level, including key chains, tour admission when the room opens, apparel and drinkware. $500 level pledges will get to sign a of bottle rum and $1000 level pledges will get a private tour for up to 10 people plus a reserved seat with their name in the tasting room. Visit their Kickstarter page for more information and to pledge. 


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