House of Malaysia in Fort Lee to Open Thursday

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Update: House of Malaysia Fort Lee has expanded their menu

According to banners and signage in the window, new restaurant House of Malaysia which we posted about back in July, will be SOFT OPENING this coming Thursday, October 31, 2013. The restaurant promises “traditional cooking with delightful service” of a “truly Asian exotic cuisine”. They explained that the multicultural influences play a huge part in Malaysian cooking, including that of the English, Portugese and Dutch plus the mixutre of Malays, Chinese, Indians Thais and Arabian ethnic groups. The staff alerted us that the soft launch menu (see below) is limited and new dishes will be rolled out as they go. No timeline has been set for when a full menu will be available.

We also previously reported that a smoothie, juice and bubble tea shop would be accompanying House of Malaysia. This is still the case, though the shop is now branded as SweeTea (previous signs said TBaar). The restaurant will be open 7 days from 10:00am till 10:00pm.


House of Malaysia 242 Main Street, Fort Lee, NJ
SweeTea 244 Main Street, Fort Lee, NJ

Soft Launch Menu (click to enlarge)



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