Opening Alert: Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, Fort Lee, NJ


Update: Mr. & Mrs. Johnson in Fort Lee has closed until further notice

Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, a restaurant specializing in budae jjigae (a type of spicy Korean sausage stew), has opened above Le Coucou Chicken in Fort Lee and has been operational for about 2 weeks. The opening had been delayed for a while as construction had been concurrent with Le Coucou which opened back in May

According to Wikipedia, budae jjigae evolved from food scarcity after the Korean War where whatever available US Army rations were mixed with a traditional spicy soup. Mr. & Mrs. Johnson’s version is made using sausage, ham, rice cake, fishcake, pork, beans and ramen noodles.  There are an additional 14 or so toppings to add as well.


Also of note, both Mr. & Mrs. Johnson and JD’s Boiling Pot have opened on the second floor of existing restaurants (as separate businesses run by the same ownership) this year in Fort Lee. Are restaurateurs hedging their bets by running multiple restaurants under one roof? 

Mr. & Mrs. Johnson 1644 Parker Avenue, 2nd Floor, Fort Lee, NJ

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