Le Coucou Chicken Brings Chicken and Beer to Fort Lee

[photo source: Le Coucou Chicken]

Le Coucou Chicken is a restaurant that Boozy Burbs has been tracking for some time in Fort Lee. The 18-20 seat restaurant has officially opened as of Friday night and serve a mix of Korean chicken, pizza and a number of Korean-style tapas. View Menu

Sandwiches on the menu include grilled chicken and a hamburger, while the pastas list Mac & Cheese and Carbonara Chicken among others. The Korean tapas are a variety of chicken dishes including Spicy Chicken Feet, Scallion Chicken and Chicken Gizzard (There is even a Chicken Platter, which serves as a combo sampler). There are also some unique choices like the clearly hybrid/fusion Sweet Potato Kimchi Pizza. Update: The sandwiches, pastas and pizza have been removed from the menu

Le Cou Cou Wings
Order of Wings (Half Soy Garlic, Half Spicy)


2013-05-25 20.56.53
Daikon (or Asian radish) for it’s cooling effect

The restaurant is actually connected to two other restaurants, a Korean-style Chinese Fusion restaurant (called Dong Chun Hong, which has a location in Manhattan on 5th Avenue) to one side (closer to fine dining with wine list) and a Korean-stew restaurant upstairs that has yet to open. Expect those restaurants to get their own posts sometime in the near future.

Le Cou Cou is trying to lend itself to both sit down and takeout. The dining room has large screen TVs (presumably to show sports) for viewing when downing beers and munching wings.

2013-05-25 20.47.02
Fresh popcorn while you wait

2013-05-25 20.48.20
Pop Pop Pop

Whether you choose to stay and dine-in or grab your meal for takeout, Le Cou Cou offers complimentary popcorn while you wait. Remember it always takes close to 20 minutes for those Korean chicken orders to come out as they’re always made to order. On the booze side, the beer selection includes four to five bottled selections, plus two on draft.

Le Cou Cou Chicken 144 Main Street, Fort Lee, NJ


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