JK’s Dumpling & Teriyaki in Fort Lee Expands Menu

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JK’s Dumpling & Teriyaki, the takeout restaurant in Fort Lee specializing in Northern Chinese dumplings and Japanese teriyaki that opened back in May, has expanded their menu (see below). The biggest change is the addition of Kung Fu Noodles or La Mian. La Mian are a hand-pulled style of noodle, where the makers literally pull the long thin noodles to the point where it looks like a performance. JK’s Dumpling & Teriyaki makes their noodles fresh daily and customers can come watch their chef “perform live” everyday. These noodles are available in seven varieties. They’ve also added pork soup buns, homemade wontons and a green onion pancake to the menu as well. 

JK’s Dumpling and Teriyaki 2151 Lemoine Avenue, Fort Lee, NJ

New Menu (click to enlarge)




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