Brand New: JK’s Dumpling & Teriyaki, Fort Lee, NJ

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We’ll probably take those dumplings for takeout

As part of the area within and surrounding the GWB bridge plaza, JK’s Dumpling and Teriyaki appears to teeter into Midtown Lunch territory with cheap, hot dishes that seem to fit well as a quick lunch (and with a cheap lunch deal that fills the belly under $10). The homemade dumpling takeout shop serves traditional Northern Chinese dumplings and Japanese teriyaki. View Menu (PDF)

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Fried Pork and Chive Dumplings

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Fried Pork and Chive Dumplings (Inside)


The Chinese dumplings are made fresh in house and are served fried or boiled (steamed) with following fillings: Pork & Chive, Pork & Cabbage, Chicken & Mushroom, Shrimp and Vegetable. Fried orders are 4 pieces while Boiled orders are 8 pieces.

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Boiled Shrimp Dumplings

2013-05-16 13.57.45
Boiled Shrimp Dumplings (Inside)

Teriyaki is served over white or fried rice and comes in Chicken, Beef and Shrimp varieties. The menu is rounded out with soup, noodles and a few side dishes. The lunch special is also worth a special mention. Until 3pm, get an order of any variety of fried dumplings, an order of chicken teriyaki (with rice) and a can of soda for $7.99.

2013-05-16 13.53.19
Chicken Teriyaki

JK’s is open seven days a week (till 10pm every night but Sunday) and offers free local delivery.

JK’s Dumpling and Teriyaki 2151 Lemoine Avenue, Fort Lee, NJ View Menu (PDF)


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