Sogno Coffee Begets Pastaria Caffe Anello in Westwood

Cafe Anello Westwood

Update: Caffe Anello Westwood has opened

After opening in November nearly five months ago and with business exceeding expectations, Sogno Coffee owners John and Alissa Vitale realized that with space at a minimum, it was time to expand. Not only are they expanding the coffeehouse next door, they are converting it into a restaurant at night.

Cafe Anello

With an expected opening in around two months, Caffe Anello will be a 20-25 seat pastaria serving fresh homemade pastas and sauces. Other entrees will include Italian meat and fish dishes. The restaurant will feature an open kitchen, allowing patrons to watch as their hand-crafted (they’ve imported two pasta machines direct from Italy) meals made right in front of them. They will also expand the coffee bar menu during the day and add outdoor seating as well.


Caffe Anello 425 Broadway, Westwood, NJ


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