Organic Coffee and Crepes at Sogno Coffeehouse in Westwood NJ

Right at the corner of Broadway and Westwood Avenue (and across from the train station) is the home of the newest coffee shop in Westwood. Owner John Vitale explained that they are a departure from the larger chains since they focus on product quality. Designed as more of a takeout spot, the space seems ideal for java fiends looking to grab a quick cup and pastry. For those looking to stop a savor have no fear, there is a long counter that adorns the wall for those who want to stay.


The menu is a straightforward affair. Coffee is served with organic in-house fresh roasted and ground beans. Four blends are featured: Medium Roast, Bold, Espresso and Decaf. All the traditional hot and iced varieties are available: latte, mocha, macchiato, etc. Crepes (which are freshly made to order) are broken into three categories: Breakfast (example: bacon, egg and cheese), Savory (example: ham, swiss, spinach, honey mustard) and Sweet (example: brie, pear, honey). They also sell bags of their beans if you prefer to make your pot at home and will grind the beans to whatever specifications you require.


Vitale prides himself on the fact that he roasts fresh coffee every 36-48 hours. What is mostly unique is that he roasts all of the coffee they serve in house. He does it right up in the front of the store where their roaster resides. Seeing the roaster will most likely be the highlight for most, though the roaster is quite an impending site. It will be interesting to see if the allure of getting such a fresh cup o’ joe will help distinguish Sogno from it’s competitors.

Sogno Coffeehouse 425 Broadway, Westwood, NJ Website


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