Brand New: Steak ‘n Shake, Paramus, NJ

With the requisite hype of other regional chains (In-N-Out comes to mind), NJ now has it’s very own Steak ‘n Shake. Of all the places to put one, they chose Paramus Park Mall which seems to be the least trafficked mall in the area. Of course, maybe that was by design… Especially with Chick-fil-A (another heralded regional chain with few nearby outlets) in the food court, Paramus Park may be positioning themselves as the local spot for regional fast food and casual fare.

Steak ‘n Shake (SNS) serves burgers, hot dogs, traditional burger shop sides (fries) and shakes. The meat in the namesake Original Steakburger is 100% organic freshly grinded (a mix of Rib Eye & NY Strip) and cooked to order. The prices are exceedingly cheap, with a Double Cheese and order ot fries clocking in at $4.99 and an Original Steakburger with fries being only $6.99. It appears only the “Steakburgers” have the organic blend, while the Double Cheese and other “basic” burgers use their traditional blend (also fresh).


In terms of sheer size, the Steakburgers are 8oz (1/2 pound) which are very decent sized for the price. The order of fries are fairly small, but what can one realistically expect to get for the $4.99 Double Cheese and Fries? We do think this is actually a good thing since you won’t end up in comatose carb-mode after eating a meal.

Menu Board

Original Double Cheese

Frisco Melt (American and Swiss Cheese on Buttery Grilled Sourdough with our Sweet ‘n Tangy Frisco Sauce)

Chili Cheese Steak Frank

Bag of Steakburgers and Order of Fries to Go

Steak  ‘n Shake Signature
Paramus, NJ



  1. Went today, dont see what the hype is about. I ordered the double cheese and the patties were 1 oz a piece! I rather go to the new East Coast Burger Company in Ridgewood. They have way better hamburgers $3.95 for a 1/4 chuck,hanger steak and shortrib blend and you can make that a double for $2.00 more. East Coast Burger also has much better milkshakes.

    • Though the Steakburger patties are 8oz. For $6.99 with fries, that’s a pretty good deal. But we agree that we were interested in the hype. The Steakburgers were tasty, but we need to visit a few more times to make an educated decision.

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