All You Can Eat Pasta: Hungry Peddler, Cresskill, NJ

This has nothing to do with All You Can Eat Pasta, but Hungry Peddler added this outdoor patio a few years back

It’s beginning to look like 2012 might be the year of the All You Can Eat meal (our apologies go out to the dragons out there). Between AYCE sushi stops at Sushi Village, Bamboo and then Kazuki… plus AYCE Korean BBQ at Picnic Garden… it seems that Bergen County is on AYCE overload. Those don’t even take into account the weekly specials some places run.

For instance since at least the mid 90s, Hungry Peddler has been running their All You Can Eat Pasta special every Tuesday night. Its very simple: You are given a menu with three columns (Pastas, Sauces & Ingredients). You choose a pasta type, choose a sauce and then pick any number of ingredients as toppings. Cannelloni, stuffed shells, lasagna and manicotti are also pasta options.  We tried calculating the possible number of options, but our calculator broke during the process (sorry).  Also included is garlic bread, Caesar salad and a choice of dessert  (choices are ice cream, rice pudding and apple crisp). All of this for $11.95 per person.

Make any pasta combination you like


Salad to Start

Garlic Bread

Penne with pink vodka sauce


Apple Crisp

Hungry Peddler 470 Knickerbocker Road Cresskill, NJ


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