All You Can Eat Sushi NJ: Kazuki, River Vale, NJ

Kazuki in River Vale (we’re beginning to realize we don’t know how to handle night lighting in photos)

There is another horse in the race for All You Can Eat (AYCE) sushi dominance in Northeast Bergen County. Apparently right under our noses, Kazuki in River Vale has been doing made to order AYCE sushi for years! One of our tipsters mentioned it to us recently, so we went to check it out as soon as we could. It certainly is nice to have another option in the area, especially near Sushi Village (SV) where waits have known to reach an hour on busy weekend nights. The price is also similar to SV, being $23.95 person 7 days a week. This might be an issue for some, but the menu is much more limited (on the non-sushi side) than SV and even much more so than Bamboo in Northvale.  We should also mention that they do have an a la carte menu if you are so inclined.

Here is the All You Can Eat Sushi information, copied directly from their menu:

To Keep the Sushi Fresh, We Only Make Sushi as Your Order
All You Can Eat Policy:


1. All you can eat customer must finish everything they order otherwise we will charge as a price for each leftover sushi.
2. Nonsushi all you can customer can’t share with sushi all you can eat customer.

The most impressive part of their menu is the number of rolls available on the AYCE menu. The “regular” roll section has 40 (!) options while the “special” roll section has 28 options. Throw in 18 types of nigiri sushi and it’s gonna take many visits to hit everything sushi on the menu!

Similar to other AYCE sushi spots, Kazuki also offers some non sushi items to their AYCE options. These choices are dwarfed by the choices at both Sushi Village and Bamboo, but it certainly is nice to have them there. There are no pieces of paper to check, you simply give your server the order and they write it down and bring it to the chefs.

Blurry and Poorly Lit Menu 1

Blurry and Poorly Lit Menu 2

Kani Salad

Vegetable Gyoza

Scallion Pancakes

Two Hand Rolls, Five Pieces of Sushi

Jade Roll (Shrimp Tempura, Eel, Avocado), Spicy Yellowtail Hand Roll, Salmon Skin Hand Roll

Some Veggie Options of Avocado and Peanut Roll and Sweet Potato Tempura Roll

Long Island Roll (Inside: Shrimp, Avocado, Cucumber & Tobiko; Outside: Eel & Tuna), Rock Roll (Inside: Tuna, Avocado & Crunch; Outside: Spicy Salmon, Crab & Tobiko), Salmon and Avocado Hand Roll

Kazuki 638 Westwood Avenue, River Vale, NJ



  1. I like the sushi at Kazuki better than SV (went to Kazuki tonight) – only downside to Kazuki’s AYCE is i) no sashimi and ii) no kids menu (SV has half price for kids up to 10). It’s also a lot less crazy at Kazuki.

    • Yale,
      Definitely valid points. Overall, our team seems to find the food quality best overall at Bamboo (and their non-sushi menu is quite fantastic) with the best price value being SV. Kazuki does have some strong points like their extremely large “regular” rolls menu and consistent quality.

  2. I’ve been to Kazuki, but I find the atmosphere to be dull. I prefer to sit at the sushi bar since most of the time I am dining on sushi alone. Ever since Bamboo increased the price it doesn’t warrant any more visits, as I can’t eat enough to justify spending so much. I also was a bit annoyed on my last visit to Bamboo, I asked for an eel avocado hand roll, and they wouldn’t oblige, on previous visits they did and this combined with the increase in cost, I doubt I will be going back.

    • Some of our team finds it very easy to eat their money’s worth at Bamboo 🙂 others do not. Most of the team just think the rolls are better at Bamboo and some (not all) of the rolls at Kazuki were kind of bland… none of the rolls at Bamboo have ever been that way.

      We understand why they wouldn’t serve you an Eel & Avocado roll since it’s not on the AYCE menu, though it does seem a little silly that they wouldn’t make one since many of their rolls have both eel and avocado as ingredients.

  3. There will never be enough made-to-order all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants. I haven’t been to Kazuki yet, but I definitely appreciate the tip. It sounds like it’s more laid back than SV, which is right up my alley… but more importantly, how is the sake? I didn’t see it in the menu picture…

  4. Sue – Kazuki, as is SV, are byob

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