Recap: Cooking Class, WannaBee Chef, Cresskill, NJ

Boozy Burbs as you probably already know, is all about going out and eating & drinking. We try extremely hard to fulfill this mission by bringing you new and interesting places in Northeast Bergen to do both of those things. But barring us winning the lottery or finding out we’re inheriting the fortune of a long lost dead relative, eating out every night becomes costly. What are the alternatives? Cooking an actual meal for ones self… so we headed to WannaBee Chef (WBC) in Cresskill to brush up on those skills that are sorely lacking.

After getting a chance to sample much food via theirĀ  “Farm to Table” Prepared Foods (which are seasonal and change weekly) and 500 calorie “Bee” Bento Boxes over the last few years (not to mention their two Chef’s Tables last fall/winter Recap 1; Recap 2), we were eager to finally get a chance to visit WannaBee and Chef Rama Ginde for one of their actual cooking classes.


Our class was scheduled for two hours and we had 10 people in our group of Boozy Burbsers participating. Our group was greeted with trays of charcuterie and cheese as we arrived… according to Chef Rama, the assortment was selected to pair with our meal as an amuse bouche course.

After we all arrived, we moved into the main kitchen and assembled at our stations to begin the class.

Note: One important note about the menu of the class is that we selected the items to cook. Chef Rama and her team have devised many different themed menus based on cuisines, styles, suitable for children, etc. Definitely take a look at the myriad of choices on their website. There possibilities are certainly endless. We chose to create a completely custom menu, based on different foods/flavor profiles that we were interesting in learning how to prepare.

Cooking Class Menu: (see photos and descriptions below)

  • Edamame Millet Sliders
  • Vegetable Panzanella Salad
  • Asian-Style Roasted Chicken
  • Coconut Shrimp
  • Corn and Tomato Un-Fried Rice

Edamame Millet Sliders
A healthier type of Veggie Burger, the edamame and millet mixed well with the other vegetables and tasted very good with the multi-grain slider rolls.

Grinding up our edamame in the food processor

The millet stands alone

The mix altogether

Getting the patties ready for the oven

Vegetable Panzanella Salad
Definitely a highlight, the flavors of the cucumbers, sweet potato, feta, onions, roasted beets and balsamic was a taste that delighted the whole crew.

It’s cheese from goat milk

All the vegetables (and homemade croutons) chopped and ready to mix

Asian-Style Roasted Chicken

A pretty simple (however extremely tasty recipe) with simple flavors of soy, honey and more with scallions all mixed together and thrown over the heated chicken.

Roasted chicken with an Asian-flair

Coconut Shrimp

An interesting spin on coconut shrimp, these had unsweetened coconut int he batter instead of the usual sweetened kind cover the entireĀ  outside of them.

Swing batter, batter

We be fryin’

Corn and Tomato Un-Fried Rice

We’ve heard that the secret to fried rice is using day old rice… the secret to Un-Fried Rice? Time to signup for a class at WannaBee Chef and find out!!

Grilling the corn on the stove

Corn and Tomatoes, perfect for summer

Scallions, ginger and oil

Mix it up

A few other key points to mention… for dessert you have two options: make a dessert as one of your choices or to bring one with you. WannaBee Chef is also BYOB, so feel free to bring wine, beer, vodka, gin, whatever… with you for your class. Plan ahead with Chef Rama and she can make suggestions for what wines pair best with the menu you have chosen.

WannaBee Chef
18 Union Avenue
Cresskill, NJ
(201) 503-0335


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