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Are we suffering from “burger fatigue” yet? Between meat blends, gourmet ketchup, “better burger” chains, etc… is there anything else that hasn’t been done yet? The folks behind Boom Burger certainly don’t think so. They’re pushing their slogan of  “Food, Drink, Social” and are only a stone’s throws away from both Bucu and Bobby’s Burger Palace (BBP).


The burgers are very similar to Shake Shack (which certainly makes a bit of sense considering their use of a LaFrida meat blend), though the menu is much more varied with burgers, salads & appetizers. French fry options are regular, sweet potato and Parmesan & Rosemary.

The place actually has a large bar area, so large in fact that it takes up almost three quarters of the place… making this place’s focus more of the “drinks” and “social” parts of their slogan. The space certainly has a nightclub or bar-heavy vibe considering how much room it takes up. There are endless TVs and BOOM markets itself heavily with the sports crowd including many MMA and boxing Pay-Per-Views. On one particular Thursday night it was extremely extremely busy with a young after-work crowd.

It does appear that BOOM is holding it’s ground against the already entrenched competition. Nearby Boardwalk Fresh Burgers (which opened recently as well) in Hackensack has already closed and though BBP and Bucu don’t seem to be losing any steam, BOOM Burger has already announced a second location will be opening in Mahwah on Route 17 sometime later in 2012.


pat lafrieda brisket blend burger in nj
BOOM Burger (Two patties with cheese stuffed in the middle with BOOM sauce)

best french fries in NJ
California Burger (single patty with guacamole) and regular fries

Breakfast Burger (Taylor Ham, Fried Egg, American Cheese)

Turkey Burger (American Cheese, Plum Tomato, Pickles, Lettuce, Red Onion, BOOMSauce)

Boom Burger
375 W Passaic Street
Rochelle Park, NJ
(201) 843-2666


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