Brand New: Boardwalk Fresh Burgers & Fries, Hackensack, NJ (CLOSED)

UPDATE: The space is now vacant and the “RETAIL SPACE AVAILABLE” sign is visible in the window. We’re not sure what happened, though as we mentioned below when we first wrote this article… there are many trying to enter what has become a crowded space and it would appear that Boardwalk Fresh Burgers & Fries is one of the early casualties.

Another burger chain is trying to stake their claim in the area. Boardwalk Fresh Burgers & Fries is a rapidly expanding chain from Maryland with outlets already in 20 states. Their focus is on fresh, never frozen meat burgers and fresh cut fries. To say the area MIGHT be saturated with burger joints (Five Guys, Bobby’s Burger Palace, Bucu Burger, Smashburger, etc) is absolutely no longer an exaggeration. Welcome to Bur-gen County!


From the website:

In the summer of 1980, brothers Dave and Fran DiFerdinando were strolling down the world famous Boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland.  They, like many other vacationers, had vacationed there as children and would come every summer to enjoy the rides and the legendary fresh-cut fries.   They had the idea to make those famous fries accessible to everyone around the country, not just those at the beach.

“Why would customers wait in line for just French fries”, everyone asked?  Because they are fresh-cut every morning, cooked multiple times in a special recipe, lightly salted, served piping hot, made to order.  The two brothers opened the first Boardwalk Fries in White Marsh Mall, White Marsh, Maryland, in 1981 and by 1987 they had franchises from coast to coast.  As time passed, customers began asking for more.   They wanted a burger to go with their fresh-cut Boardwalk Fries.   It couldn’t just be any burger, it had to be consistent with their concept of a fresh product.

The only solution was a never frozen, hand formed burger that was prepared every morning and made to order.   Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries was born!

Straight from Ocean City

Bright, clean open space

Tasty Burgers Sign? Check.

Tasty Burgers Served? Check. A Single with American Cheese and Grilled Onions.

Veggie Burger (Spicy black bean veggie patty topped with lettuce, red onion, tomato and chipotle sauce)

No fries were purchased on this visit, which we know is sacrilege since the name of the place is “Boardwalk Fresh Burgers AND FRIES!!”. Next time. The portions from other patrons looked pretty darn good.

In case you forgot how…

Topping and options on the burgers are plentiful including a few different cheese choices, raw onions, grilled onions, white or wheat buns, ketchup, etc. There were also signs promoting Online Ordering (not sure if they deliver).

Boardwalk Fresh Burgers & Fries
370 West Pleasant View Avenue
Hackensack , NJ
(201) 880-5963

Note: Brand New posts focus on relatively new (less than 3 months old) places in the area or ones that are under new management, have a new design, etc.



  1. My friend said Boardwalk Burger was closed by the Hackensack Board of Health for violations. Must have been pretty bad to close the joint.

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