Englewood Eatery Named One of the Best Vegan Restaurants in NYC

Eater has shared their choices for The Best Vegan Restaurants in New York City (Read Story).

“From late-night smash burgers to $100 tasting menus”, it appears that “restaurant owners are turning their attention to vegan and vegetarian dining”.

In a rare instance (though it has happened before – see best fried chicken in NYC), a Bergen County restaurant was included in their roundup/list/map.


Fat Choy, the “Kind of Chinese Also Vegan” restaurant that was revived last year in Englewood, was one of their picks.

It was highlighted for it’s “modern Chinese American vegan focus”.

The restaurant was also named to American’s Best Restaurants 2023 by the New York Times in September (Read Story).

Fat Choy
52 East Palisades Avenue
Englewood, NJ


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