Best Grocery Store in America Coming to Paramus

Stew Leonard’s, the popular NYC-metro area grocery store chain, is the Best Grocery Store in America according to Eater (Read Full Article). This should be in particular interest to Bergen County residents as they plan on opening a location in Paramus later this year.

With it’s animatronic displays, free samples, and petting zoos, the popular food site really goes into detail about what makes the chain special. This also includes a single aisle that “winds through” the building, the aroma of fresh foods — including their vast amount of prepared foods.

Each store typically carries only 2,200 items, much less than most supermarkets.  There’s also a big focus on dairy products. Stew’s, as it’s lovingly referred to by fans, makes their own mozzarella, ice cream, and butter.


It may be old news about the upcoming Paramus location, but let the facts repeat for those who didn’t already know. Stew Leonard’s will be taking over the former Sears storefront at Paramus Park mall (Read Article), using 80,000 square feet with plans for a fall opening (Read Article).

Stew Leonard’s
Paramus Park
Paramus, NJ

[photo source: Stew Leonard’s]


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