Stew Leonard’s Coming to Paramus Park Mall

Stew Leonard’s, the popular supermarket mini-chain in Westchester, Long Island and Connecticut, is semi-officially coming to Paramus according to a report from (Read Article). Boozy Burbs broke the rumor on our Instagram account last June (See Post).

With plans to replace the now shuttered Sears, they’ve received variances from the town and plan to move towards construction soon. If you’re thinking that there’s already Stew Leonard’s in Paramus, that’s actually just their liquor store – which is expected to move into the space with the supermarket.

For those unfamiliar of the chain,┬átheir focus is on dairy, meats, fish, produce, bakery, cheese and wine. Each store typically carries only 2,200 items, which are “chosen specifically for their freshness, quality and value”.


Stew Leonard’s
Paramus Park
Paramus, NJ

[photo source: Stew Leonard’s]