Opening Alert: The Meat Bros, Fort Lee, NJ

The Meat Bros, an all you can eat Korean BBQ restaurant, has opened in Fort Lee.

As typical with most KBBQ restaurants, diners cooks their food at the table with special grills. The space has high ceilings and a special vacuum system to minimize BBQ odor.

The menu (see below) is divided into two tiers, the Course A menu (lunch: $25, dinner: $30) which includes 20+ cuts of beef, pork, chicken, sausage, squid and octopus. The Course B menu (lunch: $30, dinner: $35) adds approximately another 8-10 options. For both menus, all beef cuts are graded USDA Choice and are sliced in the kitchen, some in direct view from the dining room.


In addition there are many side dishes (banchan) and other hot buffet food items included as well like noodles, chicken, salads and more. They do have a liquor license offering soju and beer.

With approximately 190 seats across 5000 sq ft of space, the restaurant is open everyday till 11:00pm Sunday thru Thursday and till midnight Friday thru Saturday.

The Meat Bros
176 Main Street
Fort Lee, NJ

Menu (click to enlarge)


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