Modine in Asbury Park Has Best Fried Chicken in State

The Daily Meal has shared their list of The Best Fried Chicken in Every State (Read Full Article).

To make the list, the writes starting with their annual best fried chicken ranking, then used online reviews and fouces on high quality chicken, especially those “made with love”.

New Jersey’s representative on the list is Modine in Asbury Park. The Southern restaurant was highlighted for the work spent crafting the chicken dish (six months researching) using A North Jersey farm to source the natural & pasture-raised chickens – “brined in buttermilk and pickle juice, cold-smoked, brined again, dredged in seasoned flour along with a sprinkle of the brine” and then fried served with honey and hot sauce.


601 Mattison Avenue
Asbury Park, NJ

[photo source: Modine]


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