Cinnabon in Palisades Center Mall Has Been Certified Kosher

As of this month, Cinnabon is certified Kosher at Palisades Center. This was fairly quick as the kiosk opened back in late May.

Kosher foods follow the Jewish dietary regulations of kashrut. In order for a food item to be kosher-certified, they must follow laws around cleanliness, purity and quality.

“At Cinnabon we take great pride in superior quality and extraordinary taste,” said Hamza Warriach, owner of Palisades Center’s Cinnabon. “We’re pleased to announce that our entire product line is now kosher-certified by KOF-K. Helping us make life sweeter one bon at time!”


This is the second certified Kosher cinnamon in the chain’s entire system, the other is also local and in Hackensack.

Palisades Center
West Nyack, NY

[photo source: Cinnabon]


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