Changes to Come at Whiskey Bar & Bistro in Lyndhurst

Whiskey Bar & Bistro—Lyndhurst, NJ’s low-key American restaurant and bar—is set for some changes this month.

In addition to increasing its outdoor seating and implementing self-service seating to resemble a beer garden atmosphere, the restaurant will be expanding its menus, with the addition of a healthier “waist watcher” menu. This will include both vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Executive Chef, John Thomas, said that with this “waist watcher” menu, the restaurant is “focusing on fresh ingredients [and] fresh ideas.”


Some “waist watcher” options include a grilled vegetable wrap with hummus, a turkey avocado wrap with swiss cheese, arugula, black bean spread and hydrated craisin and a mandarin quinoa salad in a light berry vinaigrette.

Fried calamari with grilled apples and garlic shrimp and chorizo panzanella will be added to the appetizer list on the à la carte dinner menu, while the dinner entrees will be joined by newer dishes, such as a chipotle three-bean veggie burger with gouda cheese and tomato marmalade and a three-cheese mac and cheese with rendered pork belly, rib meat and beef frankfurter.

Personal-style pizza pies with homemade marinara sauce and chicken wings have been added onto the restaurant’s standard menu, as well.

“The way I recreated the current menu right now is I still kept it very simple,” Thomas said. “…but, a little bit more creative, not going too crazy…getting everything a little bit more refined, newer options, more refreshing options.”

Thomas has been the Executive Chef at Whiskey Bar & Bistro for about four months, and he plans on changing the menu seasonally, while still keeping the menu’s staple items.

He is currently planning a three-day Bacon Fest in August. This will include live rotisserie pigs and a 20-item menu comprised of different bacon and pork-infused dishes.

Whiskey Bar & Bistro’s new dinner menu is set to be posted online this month. And, the self-service seating and bar will be open Monday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“I’m building up what was,” Thomas said. “…I’m bringing a new style of bar food out.”

Whiskey Bar & Bistro
1050 Wall St W
Lyndhurst, NJ

[photo source: Whiskey Bar]


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