Kane Brewing ‘Sunday Brunch’ Makes Top Beer List

The Daily Meal has brewed up their list of the 101 Best Beers in America (Read Full Article).

To determine the best, they looked at the top beer ranking websites and used their owner experience. While there are some beer-heavy states, they did try to give special concession to some some the states (ie New Jersey) that arent such large producers. Plus they left the beers unranked since they felt it impossible to compare different styles (ie IPA, Pilsner, etc).

New Jersey did make the big list, with Kane Brewing’s porter named Sunday Brunch getting the nod. The beer with is 9.2% ABV has notes of cinnamon, maple, coffee, and lactose. For more info on the brew, visit Kane’s website (Visit).


[photo source: Kane Brewing]


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