Taqueria Pancho Villa in Dover Is Best in Jersey

Since it was just Cinco De Mayo, Thrillist shared their choices for the Best Tacos in Every State (Read Full List).

The list featured everything from “small-town taquerias” to “unexpectedly sumptuous mashups” along ewith plenty of taco trucks. They claim we’re in a golden age tacos, so it looks like we’ll be having our own Taco Tuesday celebrations till the end of time.

New Jersey had to offer¬†Taqueria Pancho Villa in Dover. The “no frills” and “non-desrcipt” building lay home to”grease-tastic” tacos featuring meats like tongue, tripe, and goat meat. All of which are good enough so you don’t have to cross the Hudson.


Taqueria Pancho Villa
7 N Essex Street
Dover, NJ

[photo source: Greg Mac]


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