The Iron Room in Atlantic City is Best Whiskey Bar in State

Thrillist has published their list of the Best Whkesy Bars in Every State (Read Full List).

To make the list of 50, it was more than just selection of spirits. There needed to be good service, enjoyable food and “overall character”. It didn’t need to fancy, it didn’t need to be “divey”…. just the best.

Jersey’s representative was Iron Bar in AC. Thrillist noted the history of bootlegging and speakeasies made the city an obvious location. With a menu of 300 whiskeys that were a “discerning selection” of the best “Scotch, bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, moonshines, and white dog”, the place is up to snuff. It didn’t hurt that the readers of NJ Monthly felt so too (See Results).


The Iron Room
648 N Albany Road
Atlantic City, NJ


[photo source: The Iron Room]


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