White Manna in Hackensack Makes Top Burger List


Chosen by Thrillist’s national burger critic (we want that job), they’ve updated list of the The 31 Best Burger Joints in America (View Article).

With burgers pretty much everywhere, practically every restaurant has one these days – they’ve pointed out that it’s hard to not be in the vicinity of an outstanding burger nowadays. However this list is for burger joints or as stated where they are the “unquestioned stars of the show”.

Time and time again, Hackensack burger joint White Wanna makes these lists. Described as a “ooey-gooey, absurdly juicy, retro burger heaven”, they wax poetic about the “pastiche of sizzling onions, balls of meat, and perfectly sized potato buns”.


White Manna
358 River Street
Hackensack, NJ


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