When Popcorn Has Stripes: Zebra by Popcornopolis

The following is a guest post by Ashley Dyrhaug of Jersey Munchies (Visit Site). She is an eater, chef, influencer and marketer of all food things in Metro NYC (including Northern Jersey).

Popcorn, whether it is salted, buttered, seasoned, or all of the above, belongs in the hall of fame of snacks… and that’s just traditional popcorn. Add caramel, sweet flavoring, and stripes of chocolate, and popcorn is taken to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Popcornopolis has done exactly this with Zebra by Popcornopolis®; their new line of chocolate-drizzled caramel corn for the holidays. This line features five flavors: chocolate stripe, chocolate peanut butter, white chocolate macadamia, chocolate candy cane, and white chocolate pumpkin spice.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you get these, you won’t be able to stop eating them. Each flavor appeals to a different kind of chocolate lover and tastes exactly like you’d expect it to based on its name, only better. However, the type of chocolate lover you are will determine which flavors you’d prefer, since of course not all of them can be equally pleasing to everyone.
So here’s the breakdown of each flavor from my own perspective of a white chocolate fanatic.

In first place, we have white chocolate macadamia. This flavor was surprising in a couple of ways. Primarily, with exciting flavors like chocolate peanut butter and white chocolate pumpkin spice in the lineup, I didn’t expect to love plain old white chocolate macadamia as much as I did. It’s definitely the sweetest flavor, but it’s by no means overly sweet.

A second surprise here was how well the white chocolate stood up the the caramel, considering the fact that white chocolate flavor tends to get lost really easily. However, if for some reason you’re amped up about the macadamia nuts, you’ll be disappointed to find that there aren’t much of those here. In fact, I didn’t really taste them at all, but I had no problem with that because white chocolate is more important.

For runner up, we have a tie between chocolate candy cane and white chocolate pumpkin spice.

I’m usually not a fan of peppermint, but popcornopolis executed it really well by avoiding the biggest mistake that I usually find in peppermint treats, which is tasting like toothpaste. This popcorn has a light and refreshing peppermint flavor that can be found on every single piece of popcorn, making even the pieces that don’t have chocolate on them extremely tasty.

On the other hand, as a white chocolate/pumpkin worshipper, I am not shocked at all that white chocolate pumpkin spice landed here on the list. Upon first bite, I didn’t get much of the pumpkin, but once I went back to it after trying a couple of the other flavors, I had no problem identifying that flavor here and it was on point. It had the perfect level of pumpkin that didn’t make me feel like I was drowning in a PSL. The white chocolate gets a little lost here, but I have a feeling if you combined this flavor with the white chocolate macadamia you’d create a flavor worthy of the gods.

In fourth place comes chocolate stripe. The best thing to compare this one to is a chocolate covered pretzel. What kind of chocolate you might ask? Well, all of them. The combination of dark and white chocolate stripes here makes for a semi-sweet chocolate taste that will please a variety of palettes. Even though this flavor sounds like it would be the most boring, it is not one to be skipped over.

Last, and unfortunately least, is chocolate peanut butter. I was a little bummed about this one since peanut butter is my one true love and this flavor fell short on the peanut butter flavor. It definitely wasn’t bad, I just wish there was more of it. This flavor was also slightly bitter despite being made with milk chocolate, so I think it would’ve benefitted from some more sweetness. Don’t get me wrong, this one is still good, but I definitely liked the ones better.

If you’re still reading this, you deserve to reward yourself with some popcorn. And if for some twisted reason these don’t sound appealing to you, they’ll make a great holiday gift for someone else. Zebra by Popcornopolis® is now available online at Popcornopolis.com (Visit Site) and Publix markets and Walmarts nationwide.



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