Brooklyn Square Pizza in Jackson Named Best Pizza in Jersey

The winner has been announced ― Brooklyn Square Pizza in Jackson has been named the winner in N.J.’s best pizzeria showdown by The search began two months ago and even a few local spots made the semi-final list of 50 ― including finalist (top 10) Kinchley’s Tavern (Visit Kinchley’s Website).

The winning pizzeria was praised for the “Upside Down Square”, described as a “thick, crusty, saucy success, oozing tomatoey goodness”. We can say one thing for sure, that description certainly sounds good.

Brooklyn Square Pizza is open 7 days a week for both lunch and dinner according to its Facebook Page. The full details on the winner are up at (Read Full Article)


Brooklyn Square Pizza
265 S. New Prospect Road
Jackson, NJ

[photo source: Brooklyn Square Pizza]


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