17 Summer in Lodi Launches SummerFest Popup

SummerFest, the first ever after hours popup at 17 Summer in Lodi, is taking place every Thursday night from 9pm-11pm.

Owners (and siblings) Joseph and Jenna Cuccia wanted to bring the community traditional German street food – with Joe making everything in house including the bratwurst, frankfurter and pretzels. SummerFest is quick counter service, so everything comes in a to-go containers along with plastic utensils and paper cups.

Their intention was to give back to those in the restaurant industry because there is never any where to go after work. So the popup was born with the menu (View Menu) around 9pm (depending on their dinner reservations that night) and lasts till 11pm (and is BYOB).


SummerFest at 17 Summer
17 Summer Street
Lodi, NJ

[photo source: @myinnerfatkidisout]


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