Hoboken Coffee Shop Named to Best in Nation

Extra Crispy has shared their list of the 51 Best Coffee Shops in America (View Full Article), focusing on one for each state (and DC).

What makes a “coffee shop” is up to interpretation, but their team claims is doesn’t have to be flashy, cutting edge or even have the best coffee — though they most likely do. How did they come to their conclusions? By using a “very scientific method” of asking people their favorites.

The New Jersey coffee shop on the list? bwè kafe in Hoboken, which uses the business to help those in need in Haiti (it started after the 2010 earthquake) by using coffee blends exclusivly with Haitian beans and a donating parts of profits toward educational resources for Haitian youth and other ventures to help their residents in need.


bwè kafe
1002 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ

[photo source: bwè kafe]


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