Opening Alert: Mavi’s Coffee, Fort Lee, NJ

Mavi’s Coffee, a new coffee shop, has opened in Fort Lee.

The menu at Mavi’s includes coffee (from Nobletree Coffee), tea (from The Art of Tea) and various food items – some made in-house and others brought in from various bakeries.

They offer something called a “Steampunk Single Brew”, which utilizes special machines from Alphadominche – dubbed “craft brewing technology”. It’s an automated, temperature-controlled 21st century full immersion brewer that is essentially a system of computerized steam and vacuum tech that replicates assorted brewing methods – it’s apparently “very precise”.


This includes long tubes that create steam-driven agitation cycles. We have no idea what that means (Read more at the Alphadominche website), but it looks really cool.

Mavi’s Coffee
237 Main Street
Fort Lee, NJ


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