The Best Food at MetLife Stadium for Football Games


The NFL football season is in full swing, which makes us think of tailgating, nachos and wings. And if you happen to make your way to the game, most sports stadiums around the country have upped their game when it comes to food. So enter Thrillist and their Best Foods to Eat at NFL Stadiums in America in 2016.

Of course two teams call Bergen County (East Rutherford) home, which means there are two different options to try, depending on your allegiance. The $50 Jumbo Jet Breakfast Bagel was named the best offering from the Jets, a 12” inch everything bagel with Taylor ham, chorizo, breakfast sausage, potato hash, eggs and American cheese.

The Kitchen Sink was named the best offering from the Giants, a sandwich served on a sub roll from Calandra’s Bakery with hotdogs, sausage, peppers, onions and a vinegar cream dressing.


If you want to head to a game, check out the remaining games for the Jets (View Schedule) and Giants (View Schedule) this year.


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