Cafe Portofino in Piermont to Close This Weekend


Cafe Portofino, the¬†Italian bistro featuring regional cuisine in Piermont, has announced they will be closing their doors. A longtime fixture in the town – it opened in 1993 – was regarded highly by area press as recently as last August. Owner Jack D’Amico sent out an email (and shared on Facebook) the news this evening, in a heartfelt message to customers:

Dear Friends,
Tonight we are closed due to a water main break in Piermont. We hope to be open tomorrow night.
This Saturday, June 4th, Café Portofino will be closing its door for the last time.
Over the past year, you’ve heard me express some of my future hopes and aspirations. The time for this change is now.
I can’t express how wonderful sharing our time together has been. For twenty three years you and I have shared some wonderful meals, great conversations and some magical moments with song and laughter.
My love for our community will always be profound and will continue. I thank you once again for your devoted patronage and lasting friendship. I look forward to seeing you around our lovely village of Piermont.
All the best,

So it looks like one for dinner service for Cafe Portofino, presumably if the water main issue is resolved. To read up on the restaurant, visit their website.

Cafe Portofino 587 Piermont Avenue, Piermont, NY Website


[photo source: Cafe Portofino]


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