Orama in Edgewater Launches New Cocktail Menu


Globally-inspired restaurant Orama in Edgewater has updated it’s cocktail menu (see below) for the season with many new offerings featuring craft spirits and more. The new items were created by their Lead Bartender Schuyler Greenman, under the supervision of Joy Locke — as their craft specialist.

Craft spirit companies they’ve begun using include Perry’s Tot, Journeyman’s Buggy Whip Wheat, Righteous Catskill and Wyoming. They’ve chosen to use the distillery branding when naming the new cocktails — which was designed to initiate a conversation between guests and the Orama team about what they are drinking.

A new wine list, featuring wines meant to accompany the spring and summer months, is also expected in the next few weeks. Orama is currently open for six days a week (Tuesday thru Sunday) for dinner.


Orama 595 River Road, Edgewater, NJ Website

[photo source: Orama]

Menu (click to enlarge)


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