James F.C. Hyde Sorgho Whiskey Launches from Jersey Distillery


James FC Hyde Sorgho Whiskey, which is distilled from 100% American sorghum — called sorgho in the 1800s which — and was the dominant sugar source at the time, has finished it’s first production run here in New Jersey and is heading to retail and bars in the area.

Sorghum was ditched in favor of sugar cane during the industrial revolution, however James FC Hyde Sorgho Whiskey has chosen it to craft their “authentic” American whiskey. After distilling, it’s aged in small, charred American oak barrels, at a proof strength of no more than 125. This gives it a taste that’s not as sweet as traditional bourbons and not as yeasty as a classic rye whiskey.

For more information, visit the James FC Hyde website or their Facebook page.


[photo source: James FC Hyde]


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