Opening Alert: Kimchi Smoke BBQ Shack, Bergenfield, NJ


After a month of soft opens, Kimchi Smoke BBQ Shack in Bergenfield is now fully open and operational. They’ve been extremely busy serving upBBQ enthusiasts and foodies from all over NJ and NYC during the soft open period and are excited foreveryone to begin visiting their restaurant, which is suited for takeout, but does have seating for seven.

The menu (View Menu) will includes the Chonut 2.1 (brisket, smoked kimchi, cheddar cheese, bacon, bourbon chipotle sauce on a Glaze Artisan Glazed Donut), Gangnam Ramen Burger (bulgogi, cheese, sauteed kimchi, bacon, sweet gochu glaze, on a noodle bun from Ramen Burger, and Cholander Fries $12 (crispy fries loaded with smoked kimchi, pulled pork, bourbon chipotle sauce, cheese, scallions).

Owner Robert Cho reccomends callingahead for quickpickup. Kimchi Smoke BBQ Shack’s hours ofoperation are Wed-Sat 12pm-8pm.


Kimchi Smoke BBQ Shack49 W Church St, Bergenfield, NJ Website

[photo source: Kimchi Smoke]


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