Novu in Wayne Has Closed


After an almost two year stint on Hamburg Turnpike, Novu restaurant has closed it’s doors. The 110-seat restaurant from Husband and wife duo Tony and Kathy Dumani offered a New American menu – he was previously the Executive Chef at the River Palm Terrace in Mahwah. An email and post on their website announced the closing earlier today. The full announcement:

“We would like to thank all of our loyal customers for their patronage, and our hard working staff for all their support. We are most grateful to those that have graced our tables and have supported us for the past two years.
Thank you for those wonderful customer moments. It has truly been an honor to serve you. We wish you all a very good year of love, peace and happiness!”

Novu 1055 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne, NJ Website


[photo source: Novu Restaurant]


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