Mémoire in Ridgewood has closed


Memoire, the “seasonal” restaurant with “eclectic cuisine” from owner/chef Thomas Finnelli has announced they have closed. The restaurant opened back in 2013 and received a Very Good review from the New York Times. Back in September, they joined forces with three other local restaurants (Gen, Fish, It’s Greek to Me) – offering shared valet parking services – to combat the difficult Ridgewood parking situation. Below is the full statement on the closing from Finnelli:

“This was probably one of the toughest decisions that I’ve ever had to make. I love the restaurant business and opening mémoire was the realization of a childhood dream. It pains me to close it. But it comes down to risk versus reward. There is the obvious financial and emotional burden that comes with owning and operating a small business; but more importantly, there is a quality of life burden. I have a wife and two young children whom I love very dearly. As Executive Chef and Owner, it wasn’t uncommon to work 75 to 90 hours a week. In fact, it was often the norm. I have no problem working hard, but there has to be a balance. And I think working as an Executive Chef for a place that I don’t own will likely create the balance that I’m looking for.

We have so many wonderful guests that will be missed. They were not only huge supporters of our restaurant, but were like family to us. Thank you for your loyalty. It was a pleasure to serve you.


Maybe one of the hardest parts of closing the restaurant was saying goodbye to my team. Everyone on our team worked very hard. They were loyal and helped to make the restaurant the best that it could be. Especially Frank, our Maître d’, whom many of guests assumed was my partner because of his passion and love for hospitality. He treated the restaurant as his own and always went above and beyond to make our guests feel welcome.”

Memoire 16 Chestnut Street, Ridgewood, NJ Website


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