Sun Noodle Moving Operations to Carlstadt

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Sun Noodle, the custom ramen manufacturer used by the likes of David Chang and Ivan Orkin, has purchased a 42,000-square-foot industrial building at 40 Kero Road in Carlstadt – which represents a major expansion of Sun Noodle’s New Jersey factory operation previously in Teterboro.

Based in Honolulu, Sun Noodle is well known as an artisan of custom-made ramen noodles, with its three US locations producing up to 200,000 servings per day for ramen shops, general restaurants, in-flight meal catering, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, school lunch programs, military commissaries, food wholesalers and other establishments. They also have a retail brand of other Japanese food products (Retail Store Finder).

Sun Noodle initially leased the 5,000-square-foot Teretboro factory in 2012 for the purpose of serving its growing client base of New York City restaurants – including their own Ramen Lab. “We have been fortunate in our rapid growth in our East Coast Operations, and by early 2014 we recognized the value of expanding and investing in New Jersey,” said Kenshiro Uki, Sun Noodle’s vice president of operations. “That’s when we met Andy and Jimmy and engaged them to help us find a facility that can accommodate our growth.”


“Our initial plan was to focus on growing the fresh, custom ramen noodle production in New Jersey,” he said. “However, purchasing this larger property will enable us to bring other products available exclusively in Hawaii to the mainland. And it will accommodate our growth for years to come.”

Many of those additional items require steaming, boiling or freezing. “While these items have been selling very well over the past few years, freight charges involved in shipping them have become burdensome,” Uki noted. “Our new, larger space in Carlstadt will accommodate the equipment and staffing needed to produce them right here.”


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