Explore Fall’s Tastiest Culinary Delights with Nut and Seed-Inspired Recipes


Nothing captures the spirit of autumn more than cooking and baking with nuts and seeds. Not only are they full of healthy fats, nutrients and vitamins, they’re packed with rich flavor and add a satisfying crunch to any dish.

“Nuts are are particular tasty in fall – part of the appeal is seasonal: many nuts are fruits of trees that ripen as fall approaches,” said Cara Tannenbaum. “Their robust flavors pair perfectly with other fall favorites from squashes, apples, pears and cranberries, to hearty meats and stews, rich cheeses and complex sauces. They also shine in baked goods like pecan pie, brownie bottom hazelnut cheesecake and holiday treats.”



If you’re looking for a go-to guide for integrating nuts and seeds into mealtime, grab a copy of In a Nutshell: Cooking and Baking with Nuts and Seeds by Cara Tannenbaum and Andrea Tutunjian, which boasts more than 250 recipes for soups, sauces, main courses, and desserts where nuts and seeds are the star ingredients.

Try this savory Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Seed Focaccia, lush Upside-Down Cranberry Pistachio Muffins, and hearty Farro-Chickpea Salad with Sunflower Seeds. Buy In a Nutshell: Cooking and Baking with Nuts and Seeds ($21.90) online or visit http://nutsunshelled.com.

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