Bolero Snort’s New Bravehorn Charges into NJ


Hailing from the highlands, Bravehorn is charging onto the New Jersey beer scene this week from Ridgefield Park’s Bolero Snort Brewery. Hoards of cranberries rushed the boil providing a slight tartness to slight through this sweet malty Scotch Ale. Peels from the oranges helped to finish off this brew. Clocking in at 7% ABV, Bravehorn is a full bodied, reddish-brown ale that has flavors of stone fruits and caramel with a sweet finish.

Bravehorn hits draft lines throughout Bolero Snort’s self-distribution network today and starting September 28th at retail — alongside a limited number of waxed 500mL bottles of Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Happy Buck’n Anniversary Imperial Porter. For more information about Bolero Snort Brewery and their beers, visit their website.


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