IKEA Paramus Now Has In-Store Pick & Mix Candy


IKEA Paramus has rolled-out LÖRDAGSGODIS pick and mix sweets, a new in-store candy shop offer that includes 45 varieties of confectioneries such as gummies, sours, marshmallow, chocolate, licorice and more. The sweets, made from Swedish recipes produced in and imported from Europe, feature no trans fats, no high-fructose corn syrup, no GMOs and only natural colors

Customers can craft their own perfect mixed bag of candy – scooping one kind only, or one of each – as all the sweets have the same price ($7.99 per pound).

The new offer is based on Lördagsgodis, or “Saturday candy”, a beloved Scandinavian tradition dating back for several decades, in which children were allowed to visit the local store every Saturday for a bag of candy. Lördagsgodis has since grown to include any day of the week when children and adults alike splurge on a special sweet treat. The LÖRDAGSGODIS pick and mix sweets candy shop is located in the Swedish Food Market in marked bins.


IKEA 1 IKEA Drive, Paramus, NJ Website


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