Opening Alert: Zilpa’s Cafe, Ridgefield Park, NJ

zilpa's cheesecake

Zilpa Rizzo, a soon-to-be 21 year old baker, has opened Zilpa’s Cafe with family – serving an array of Cuban-American food for breakfast and lunch.

Rizzo has been baking cheesecakes since she was 17 and decided to expand her budding business to include foods with her cousin who’s been in the restaurant business. Armed with her mother’s recipes – mom cooks quite a bit at the shop (in fact the they whole family works there in some capacity) – the cafe was born.

The menu (see below) offers standard fare (eggs, etc) for breakfast and a steam table with daily choices of various meats, rice, beans and more. There’s also a number of sandwiches and entrees. The focus of the sweets is naturally on Zilpa’s cheesecakes. They differ from NY-style – they have a crust on the top and bottom with a creamy texture – with flavors like Nutella, Red Velvet…. she can make any custom flavor with 24 hours notice.


Zilpa’s is open six days (Monday-Saturday) from 6:00am till 3:00pm for breakfast and lunch – with free local delivery available.

Zilpa’s Cafe 295 Bergen Turnpike, Ridgefield Park, NJ

Menu (click to enlarge)



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