Chick-fil-a? Yeah We Got One of Those


The foodie media machine in NYC has been working overtime the last 24 hours, as the expected arrival of chain Chick-fil-a has announced an address. Though there’s already ones at NYU and St. John’s dining halls, this will be their first free-standing location.

There was a similar fuss made last year when Dairy Queen opened their first Manhattan location – there was technically an NYC spot at the Staten Island Ferry terminal – with endless coverage when it was reported as early as 2013.

In Bergen County and want Chick-fil-a? Just visit Paramus Park mall… like we’ve been able to forever, though the menu is likely truncated for a food court operation – it celebrated 40 years at that location last year. Take that New Yorkers.


[photo source: Chick-fil-a]


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