Lodi’s 17 Summer Appears Tonight on Restaurant Startup

Restaurant Startup
[photo source: Restaurant Startup]

Airing Tuesdays at 10:00pm on CNBC (it’s the fastest growing cable network in prime time if you haven’t heard their endless promotion of this fact; Disclosure: We are huge fans of Shark Tank and The Profit), Restaurant Startup features restaurateur/TV personality Joe Bastianich and chef/restaurateur Tim Love vying to invest their own money in restaurant concepts they believe could make them millions. The two teams try to convince Bastianich and Love that there concept is worth backing and the chosen team is given the keys to a working restaurant, $7,500 and 36 hours to put their dream to the test.

Tonight’s episode (March 10, 2015) of Restaurant Startup on CNBC features 17 Summer in Lodi, as they fight for the chance to score an investment. The brother/sister ownership team of Joseph and Jenna Cuccia are pegged against a husband/wife team looking to open the first gastropub in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Don’t bother asking, we have not been privy to the outcome — we’ll have to wait till 10:00pm like everyone else — however the episode’s first 14 minutes have been shared online (View on Youtube). Though investment or not — everyone has the opportunity to try the Cuccia’s restaurant — they opened the doors of 17 Summer last week.


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