Yogurtland’s Flavor Quest 2015


Now through May 10th, Yogurtland’s third annual Flavor Quest offers 10 completely new flavors, in honor of 10 countries around the world. These proprietary recipes are in additon to their 100 different and customized flavors – with each flavor using real ingredients sourced from their original location.

Yogurtland controls the entire frozen yogurt making process with all flavors meeting the National Yogurt Association Criteria for “live and active culture frozen yogurt” which are produced in a kosher-certified facility and use milk that does not contain antibiotics or added hormones

Each flavor will only be available for two to four weeks at a time – here is the full list:


Churro – Churros, one of Mexican culture’s most iconic cinnamon infused, sugar coated hot pastries has finally found it’s way into yogurt form, and it’s about time.

Alphonso Mango Tart – Inspired by the lovely culture of India, this tropical-style tart is sure to transform any average dessertist into a bragging frozen yogurt nut.

Cinnamon Coconut – Playing tribute to the magnificence of Thailand, this perfectly spiced coconut recipe humbles any and all toppings.

Banana Pudding – Comfort food is an essential part of American culture, and this smooth and tasty recipe will play as a reminder of all things red, white and blue.

Peanut Nougat with Almond Butter and Honey Gelato – This flavor completes the creamy treat tripod with its Danish-inspired gelato packed with flavors that will have you calling this your new favorite.

Pineapple Sorbet – Inspired by the tropics of Brazil, this sorbet presents pineapple in all its sweet pucker-punching delight and puts it right into a cup.

Salted Dark Chocolate – In honor of the one of the finest culinary locations on the planet, France, Yogurtland’s flavorologists balanced perfect salt tones to complement the sweet melodies of dark cocoa.

Pom Berry Lemon Tart – What better way of admiring Egypt than flattering yogurt by incorporating the savory fruits that grow in this beautiful country.

Espresso Float – When one thinks of exquisite coffee, the bold, crafty and profound coffee of Italy comes to mind. This robust flavor is the center of this No Sugar Added (NSA) flavor.

Blood Orange Ice – In Spain, respect is found in honesty, and honestly this citrusy flavored frozen yogurt is flat out amazing.

There is currently only one Yogurtland location in the Greater Bergen County area – it’s on Route 23 in Wayne. For more information, visit the Yogurtland website.


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