Gluten-Free Option to Hit Pizza Hut Later This Month

Pizza Hut
[photo source: Pizza Hut]

Pizza Hut is continuing it’s menu shakeup — they launched new flavored crusts, drizzles and toppings in November. This time they are adding a gluten-free crust option according to a report from USA Today. The crust is the result of a partnership with Udi’s Gluten Free Foods — a 10-inch pie that will retail for $10.

This option is going to be “certified” gluten-free, which is different than the gluten-free crust at Domino’s released a few years ago. Pies will be produced with a “Gluten-Free Kit inside each restaurant” — employees will wear gloves, it will be cooked on parchment paper, sliced with a designated gluten-free pizza cutter, and delivered in an gluten-free pizza box — also from Udi’s.

Availability of the crust will beginning on January 26th at around 2,400 national locations.


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